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Our Story

Where does one even begin? Do you remember the book, "If you Give a Mouse a Cookie"? This is exactly how Dreamies Creamery was brought about. If you give us a drink of sheep's milk, then we are going to want to try and turn it into ice cream. If we turn that milk into ice cream, then we are going to want to start up a new food truck idea. Over a year later with these continued events, lots of hard work, learning new skills and praying lots, Dreamies Creamery was born. 

How did we even think to try and turn sheep's milk into ice cream? We are blessed to have a member of our team who has over 20 years experience making ice cream. From working in a university creamery to literally owning his own ice cream shop in California, he has done it all. With his knowledge and our gumption to jump into a new venture, we knew we had the ability to create something truly unique and tasty too!

Dreamies Creamery may be a female-owned business, but it truly is a team effort with our entire family.

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